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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Slow City

 The Modern City: It can still be slow?

Cittaslow (literally Slow City) is a movement founded in Italy in October of 1999. The inspiration of Cittaslow was the Slow Food organization. Cittaslow's goals include improving the quality of life in towns while resisting "the fast-lane, homogenized world so often seen in other cities throughout the world" – as the official slowmovement.com description puts it. Celebrating and supporting diversity of culture and the specialties of a town and its hinterland are core Cittaslow values.
Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the Slow movement.
Cittaslow has expanded broadly beyond Italy. By 2006, national Cittaslow networks existed in Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom; By mid-2009, fourteen countries have at least one officially accredited Cittaslow community. In July, 2009, the small seaside village of Cowichan Bay, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada became Canada's and North America's first Cittaslow town.

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