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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Downshifting and simple life

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The phenomenon of downshifting, including in the broader concept of simple living, living in simplicity, is affecting even the beautiful country and that Italians like to translate the term "voluntary simplicity."
A practice not just recently. In the seventies, philosophers such as Jean Baudrillard (The consumer society, 1970) and André Gorz (Environment & Policy, 1975) theorized the need décroissance, decrease, based on awareness dell'insostenibilità, individually and globally, development rates too fast.
Today, as thirty years' ago, partisans of the slowness I think we should do the best possible and as quickly as possible.
But who are the supporters of going slow? Above all professionals with a good job, graduation, various specializations. They can choose. They have this privilege. They do this by opting for a lifestyle on a human scale, as "green."
These are people who have decided to give up marathons stressful jobs to have more free time to devote to family, their hobbies, friends. Men and women who, facing a global economic crisis, the depletion of the planet's wealth and all'inaridimento of their lives, they begin to reset their own lifestyle. To give an impression more "Eastern", leaner, less determined by impulse, sometimes manic consumption. And less "connected".

The downshifter is the one who recovers his emotional, depriving them of chances for career success and money. And 'one who invests on the concept of happiness, waiting for individual choices become fashionable, able to transform our society and our rigid division of labor.

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