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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Digital people: “fast”, “slow” or “out”?

Italians, nation of poets, saints and...navigators?

The Italian population who daily use Internet, is estimated at about twenty million. According to reliable statistics, the Italians who have a broadband connection are at least 12% of the population. Depending on the type of connection used, you can then identify three "categories" of people:


Fast” are people updated at the modern world, using the Internet as an extension of their cognitive and social skills, tend to be "always connected" to the ADSL or optical fiber at home and at work, UMTS and Wi-Fi when they are on the road. "


Slow” are those who, by choice or by lack of alternatives, still use the analog connection to 56 kbps or ISDN, useful for downloading your mail (without attachments if possible) and some occasional browsing, not for work online. The phone for them is still an instrument to talk and, occasionally, send sms.


The category "out", which still includes the majority of Italians, well represents the general situation of Italy, a nation struggling to keep pace with the modern times. The "out" see the Net as a strange animal, preferably to be kept in a cage.

Unfortunately, until the "out" are the majority in the politicians and can handle the power, we will be hardly able to enjoy the great opportunities that the digital revolution offers. We will be a nation of users but we will never be able to innovate.

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