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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Behind the colors

Usually we don't care about them too much, but colors have a great influence on our psyche.
In advertisement, places, business and many others fields, colors are used to send subliminal messages, acting on people's psyche and manipulate their behaviours in an indirect way.

For example, we can see that in fast food reastaurants there are very bright colors, most of all RED; this color is very important because, according to chromotherapy, it vehiculates messages of excitement, passion, vitality and fastness; here the hidden purpose is that of accelerate the movements of the customer to make room for another.

A McDonald's interior, full of red to make the customer consume faster.

From the other side, we can see that in places where you need to be calm and relaxed (hospitals, waiting rooms...), the main colors used are BLUE and GREEN; these are colors of nature, relax and slowness.

In hospitals and waiting rooms the main colors are blue and green, in order to calm down the patients.

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