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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sports: slower to win

Purpose: overcome the opponent

"Slow" sports

Cue sport
The player needs time to predict the ball's trajectory and calculate the best move to do.

The stone is thrown very slowly in a very calibrated way to get as close as possible to the target, considering the slipperiness of ice.

In this sport the player must think very carefully to the shot to do, considering many variables (such as the wind); it take place in a very large field, making the game so slow.

Unlike the speed racers, marathon take place in a very long path (more than 42 km) and that's why the racers spend a long time to finish it.

This game has to be very slow in order to calibrate very well the shot and get closer to the target.

Card games are usually slow because the player has to think to a good strategy to win, and anticipate the opponent's moves

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