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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Machines do it faster!

Manual tasks become mechanical works

Combine pieces of cloth or other material, using needle and thread, has always been a slow manual work, that asks lot of care and skills; nowadays in factories and often in our houses we use the sewing machine, a mechanical instrument invented in 1790; from the early hand-operating models, technological evolution has produced foot pedal sewing machines, and finally with an electric motor within.
Sewing has therefore become much faster, no longer requiring ability.

The sewing machine has so changed this world that hand sewing has become an hobby.

This argument can be extended beyond the borders of sewing, infact it concernes any work that technological evoltion changed from manual to be done with machines.

Hand sewing in a very slow work, requiring time and ability.
The sewing machine made this work a lot faster and simple.

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