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Monday, 18 October 2010


Explication of the terms
Identification of the meaning of Fast/Slow giving many variations

adj. fast·er, fast·est
1. Acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift.
    a. Accomplished in relatively little time: a fast visit.
    b. Acquired quickly with little effort and sometimes unscrupulously: made a fast buck 
        scalping tickets.
3. Quick to understand or learn; mentally agile: a class for the faster students.
4. Indicating a time somewhat ahead of the actual time: the clock is fast.
5. Allowing rapid movement or action: a fast running track.
6. Designed for or compatible with a short exposure time: fast film.
    a. Disposed to dissipation; wild: ran with a fast crowd.
    b. Flouting conventional moral standards; sexually promiscuous.
8. Resistant, as to destruction or fading: fast colors.
9. Firmly fixed or fastened: a fast grip.
10. Fixed firmly in place; secure: shutters that are fast against the rain.
11. Firm in loyalty: fast friends.
12. Lasting; permanent: fast rules and regulations.
13. Deep; sound: in a fast sleep.

adj. slow·er, slow·est
    a. Not moving or able to move quickly; proceeding at a low speed: a slow train; slow walkers.
    b. Marked by a retarded tempo: a slow waltz.
    a. Taking or requiring a long time: the slow job of making bread.
    b. Taking more time than is usual: a slow worker; slow progress in the peace negotiations.
3. Allowing movement or action only at a low speed: a slow track; a slow infield.
4. Registering a time or rate behind or below the correct one: a slow clock.
5. Lacking in promptness or willingness; not precipitate: they were slow to accept our invitation.
6. Characterized by a low volume of sales or transactions: business was slow today.
7. Lacking liveliness or interest; boring: a slow party.
8. Not having or exhibiting intellectual or mental quickness: a slow learner.
9. Only moderately warm; low: a slow oven.

N.B. Speed: term obtained by combining Fast and Slow.


The speed v is defined as the magnitude of the velocity v, that is the derivative of the position r  with respect to time:
v = \left|\mathbf v\right| = \left|\dot \mathbf r\right| = \left|\frac{d\mathbf r}{dt}\right|.
If s is the length of the path traveled until time t, the speed equals the time derivative of s:
v = \frac{ds}{dt}.
In the special case where the velocity is constant (that is, constant speed in a straight line) this can be simplified to v=s/t. The average speed over a finite time interval is the total distance traveled divided by the time duration.
Expressed in graphical language, the slope of a tangent line of a distance-time graph is the instantaneous speed, and the slope of a chord line of distance-time graph is the average speed over the time interval between the ends of the chord.


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